September 27th, 2019

38 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

When people see a roadblock, I see the possibilities. When the vision is static, I have a plan.

Feel More Harmony, Celebrate More Wins. Bree invites you to learn how to practically walk the typical, linear path with wide eyes. Bree uses genuine, radiant character to guide you, align you, and optimize your wins using The Seven Dimensions of Wellness framework & Mindfulness strategies. Bree wants to be alongside you to get you acting with even more proficiency when adopting, analyzing and achieving your goals, one habit at a time.

Bree encourages you to adopt a wellness mindset to increase productivity, well-being, communication, and the so important self-care.

After graduating with her degree in Physical Education, Bree spent time as a personal trainer. It was also a time when Bree witnessed women proclaiming their short falls, instead of proclaiming their wins. Bree craved more education and pursued her Masters degree in Public Health, Health Education and Promotion. Her passion for being present with people became amplified. Through a series of work experiences Bree was able to implement positive programming to influence workplace strategy and culture. Changing the world is a reality to Bree. Walking alongside people in a way that allows Bree to be a true, intent listener is how she thinks meaningful change is made. You'll fine Bree, showing up with you to do just that, to change the world.

When Bree is not doing life-changing things with clients she enjoy life as a mom (okay, a myth-busting single-mom – if you're curious, just ask), a public health nerd (now getting her PhD. in Community Health), spending time with friends, and being present in community. You can find her exploring nature, coffee shops (weird she doesn't drink coffee), and new foods (also weird, she only wanted to eat P.B.J. for the first 8 years of life)!

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