Journeyer's Podcast

Journeyers' Podcast

Journeyers' Podcast

My (Susan's) journey has been a bit winding. No straight lines and LOTS of failures and trials followed by rising again.

Competitive athlete. Chronic illness. Marriage. Divorce. Single parent to 3 kiddos. Entrepreneur. Freedom.

The order is much more jumbled, but the spaces between those words are filled with people, choices, resilience, tools, authenticity, and lots of soul searching. Building Health Training Performance (this podcast is a part of that) has been a huge part of my journey.

I hear ya "Everyone has a story, so..." "I had crap happen in my life too, but you don't see me podcasting about it."
You are right!
Everyone does have a story and most (as in almost noone) lives a life with no difficult times, but that is exactly why I am here. The rising. Again. My journey wouldn't have me here if I hadn't, AND I am here because of the people, systems, and tools that helped me. I want others to hear about those too. Is every single thing I say or guest on the podcast going to get you first pumping and saying "YES!"? Nope, no way. I mean that would be cool, but we are all on different journeys, so I'm here to expose you to a variety of people, stories, and systems. Those will help you gather the tools so you can make the choices you desire on YOUR journey to gain your freedom.

Authenticity. Resilence. Freedom.

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